New Year Wishes 2017 - 12.01.2017
Wishing you all good things on this New Year!
Have fun, joy, peace, love, care, luck and success ahead with!
Happy New Year Greetings to All our Members! - Admins

Informations for last week of 2016 - 25.12.2016
Dear Members!

The upcoming next week will be the last in 2016. Most of programs and forex traders slowing down or stopping during this period. Therefore our revenue sharing also slowing down a bit for this week around to 5 %. Of course in January we will also returning back to normal operation and the weekly sharing also coming back to a normal level.
And last but not least this is the period when most of the programs disappearing due to greedy admins so we do not want to expanding our portfolio in this dangerous period. Protecting our money is the most important thing in our program!

"Open your eyes, look at the bright day awaiting you, forget all bad dreams and start afresh. Wishing you a wonderful New Year for 2017!"

- Admins -

Merry Christmas! - 24.12.2016
Dear our members!

The business never stops. Diversity-Fund team will work even during holidays. We wish you and your families Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

- DF management -

Dashboard full again! - 12.12.2016
Dashboard full again! - Thank you for your patience! (Admins)

We have seen Dashboard problem and working on it!

Sorry for inconvenience!

News from Diversity-Fund! - 12.12.2016
Dear Members and Visitors!

As you see we are growing steady (member base and portfolio). The revenue sharing was 7,4 % on previous week. We arrived to the Great 2nd Milestone in the life of our program! The member base is over 100 users so the awaited First Contest is here! Details are here!

Other news:
- We are still waiting the refund from AOMM... but our hope fly away soon I think...
- As you can see the withdrawals are continuous 
- ETHTrade - we opened another account and deposited some money
- Supreme Ads - we started here with the premium packs 
- InstaAdsPay - launched today and we started here with $100 for test
- All programs performs well!

We wish a good week for everyone.
- DF Management - 

Weekly news ! - 05.12.2016
Dear Members!

We reached +8% earning on last week. Our program works fine and we found some new promised opportunity for diversify.

Other news:
- My24hourincome came back :)
- Supremeads account launched with $150 (in BTC)
- Banana.Fund account launched
- every payments sent 
- support tickets solved

Best regards

-  Management Team -

Highest income on last week! - 27.11.2016
Dear Members!

We closed our sixth week on Sunday and we reached net +8.2% profit. It was our highest result till now.

Other news:
- every programs are working fine
- MyPayingCryptoAds account launched
- every payments sent within a couple of hours
- support tickets solved

Have a good week

-  Management Team -

Result on 5th week - 20.11.2016
Dear our Members!

Our profit was +7.6% on last week. We closed our AOMM account because they went bankrupt. There was only a little deposit ($20) for testing so we never felt. 
We have deposited two new opportunities: Mexeer and TheAdsTeam.

Short news:
- our member base is growing slowly
- every payout made within a couple of hours
- every support request answered and solved

Best regards

- Management Team - 

Nixmoney added - 09.11.2016
Dear members!

We added Nixmoney manually payment method to Add Balance menu today. Many people were interested of Nixmoney, so we can accept it from now.

Best wishes

- Management Team - 

Result + Changes + added Review page - 07.11.2016
Dear Members!

We have updated the third weekly result which was +7.9%. We had an average week and we mapped some new opportunity. This activity is going on. We are glad that our customers are 49 already and we hope to manage to activate those who have not been paid-in. 

Short news:
- Our member base growing moderate
- Every payout made within a couple of hours
- Every support request answered and solved in hours

- Portfolio list is constantly updating more times per week, except forex diagrams - because it is showing the live statistics.
- Completed our Review page. You can view articles about us!

Best wishes!

- Diversity-Fund Management Team -

Result on 2nd week and updates - 01.11.2016
Dear Members!

We closed the second week on Sunday. During this period was 7.7% gain which is pretty good. If we can keep stable we will be satisfied with this level. View our results here!
We have expanded our portfolio with some of program:
- AdvertiseOrMake.Money
- MyPayingCryptoAds - (prelaunch period)

The MPCA looks very stable and promising. We plan to invest here as soon as possible.
Have a nice week

- DF Management Team - 

Updated portfolio page - 28.10.2016
Dear Members!

We updated our portfolio last night. From now you can see how it works at Our Portfolio. The list is updated once per week, except forex diagrams - because they are showing the live statistics below. 
If you have any questions about our forex activity, please do not hesitate to send us a Support message!

Final result on first week + 6.5% - 24.10.2016
Dear Members!

We closed our first week on Saturday and reached net +6.5% earning. We hope so that we can reach even more income in the future. We are working on it.

- Diversity-Fund Management Team -

Withdrawal limit reduced - 21.10.2016
Dear Members!

We have reduced the minimum withdrawal limit from $5 to $3, so everyone can make a withdrawal faster! In the future we will go back to $5 but about the start $3 is enough.
Monetized Business Directory under clicking, looks like PTC ads!

- Diversity-Fund Management Team -

Our Facebook group - 16.10.2016
We launched our official Facebook group. Join us on social media: Diversity-Fund official

Official Launch Starts - 15.10.2016
Dear Members!

Our official launch starts on - Sunday 16th of October 2016!

You can start your referral campaigns! - Good luck to everyone!

- Diversity-Fund Management Team -

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