Second Contest reveal - 04.10.2017
We have successfully achieved the next Milestone in the life of DiversityFund: its member base has crossed the 500 mark! So, it’s about time that we launch our long-awaited Second Contest!

Here is all you need to know about it:
- The duration of the contest: Oct-03-2017(midnight) - Nov-13-2017(midnight).
- The main objective of the contest: bringing new Members/Subscriptions to the DiversiTips Facebook group.
- Who can participate? Every member of, no matter whether he’s got a paid or a free account!
- The main rule of the contest: Whoever refers the most new paid members to the DiversiTips Facebook group, wins the contest!

Please login to your Dashboard and you can see the full details in the Contest Quick Menu!

- Admins -

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