What would you say if someone asked you whether one year is a significant-enough milestone to be celebrated?

Well… It depends, right? It might seem a pretty small period when compared to an average person’s lifetime. At the same time, someone who has been working tirelessly during that whole year – and has also faced multiple hardships and challenges along the way – will tell you that withstanding all those difficulties for so much time is worth quite a bit of festivity!

Now, we’re extremely proud to announce that the Diversity-Fund project has just entered its second year in operation! Our hearts are overfilled with joy for what we’ve already managed to accomplish together - and gratitude to you for supporting us in all of our endeavors!

It’s been a rather difficult job to grow this business in such a competitive and pitiless market, but we're more than satisfied with the end results, and sincerely believe that all the hard work was absolutely worth it!

Personally, we can’t think of a better way of celebrating this event than via a special contest. So, let’s dive right into the details of the contest that we’ve come up for our dear members! Given the fact that it’s the "Anniversary Contest", we’ve thought that it’d be appropriate to let you help us “capture it on film”. And when we say “capture”, we mean it. The contest that we’re currently launching isn’t a regular one, because... it’s a VIDEO-contest!

You are heartily welcomed to share our enjoyment of this remarkable occasion by participating in this Anniversary Contest! All you need to do in order to qualify yourself as a participant is to shoot a video-presentation (or, if you will, a “video-review”) of the Diversity-Fund.

In the video, you should present to your future viewers both the “public” pages of our website and the pages that can be accessed only after logging in. Think of this video as the potential “image” of our company, because it might, actually, become it after the winners of the contest have been chosen!

Your video can be a live recording of your voice and computer screen, an animated one – or anything else that is informative enough and catches the viewer’s eye!

5 minutes is the maximum recommended length of the video. The quality of the image must be at least 720p. The language used in the video must be English.

Now, we do expect you to, actually, talk during the video. However, if you feel that you can create a great piece of work without a voiceover, then, don’t hesitate to surprise us – we’re always open for interesting suggestions!

Whoever makes the 3 best video clips, wins this contest!

Every submitted video will be published in our Facebook group – and the Diversity-Fund family will be able to vote for the ones they like the best! The creators of the 3 videos with the most positive votes will be credited with cash prizes, and the best one will, also, take its well-deserved place on the main page of our website!

The prizes:

1. place: $75 to his/her cash balance
2. place: $55 to his/her cash balance
3. place: $35 to his/her cash balance

Here is how you should submit the video that you’ve created for the contest:
1) Upload it to your YouTube channel
2) Create a Support ticket at http://www.diversity-fund.biz – and include in it the following information:
   - The link to your video on YouTube
   - Your username in Diversity-Fund
   - Your name

The contest starts today (October, 18) and will last for 2 months, until the 18-th of December. So, you’ll have plenty of time to think this through - and create an outstanding piece of art!
* Note that our previous, DiversiTips-related contest is not going to be affected by this one in any way. In fact, they will be ongoing together for almost a whole month, until the contest that we announced in the beginning of this month ends on the 13-th of November.

We wish you a lot of inspiration and satisfaction when participating in this contest!

To our common better future,
Your Diversity-Fund admin team.
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