The original pixel advertising idea comes from Alex Tew but there is no place on his site. So now you can advertise here in such a special way.

About the details:

- A one-time advertising fee for an endless time (unlimited impressions!!!)
- We guarantee that you will be able to see the pixel banner online for at least 5 years.
- Let's advertise this site so that more people can see it.
- Total ad space: 1050x630 pixel
- Thousands of guaranteed visitors per day (visit our server stats)
- The pixel advertise page is a non-password-protected page, anyone can see it all over the world!
- Minimum purchase unit of 10x10 pixels (basic unit) for $20 without DFC membership
- Minimum purchase unit of 10x10 pixels (basic unit) for $15 with DFC membership. Referral commission is 8%
- Give us the coordinates where you want the banner. (first X coordinate, second Y coordinate)
- Optionally variable banners and colors (Examples below.)
- If you order, we will create your pixel banner for free!
- The path to your website can be changed later.
- BONUS: You get 25 Business Directory Ads credit for each 10x10 pixel purchase
- You can advertise any business, webshop or website without restriction (except pervert, violent and racist websites)

Pixel banner examples:

The number of shapes and colors can only be limited by your imagination.

 Basic unit 10x10 pixels: $20 infinite
 Unit 30x10 pixels: $60 infinite
 Unit 60x20 pixels: $120 infinite
 Unit 30x30 pixels: $180 infinite
 Unit 60x30 pixels: $360 infinite
 Unit 50x10 pixels: $100 infinite
 Any other unit what you want $..... infinite

Payment info

- One-time fee / unit (10pixels) = $ 20
- You can pay from your DFC balance (if you are member of DFC) or with your payment processors: Perfect Money, Payeer or BTC sending.
- Please, send Us a support message with your order details (coordinates, colors, shapes, etc.) before you pay the fee! (It's very important!)
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