Cross-roads in our operation and the future of DFC - 10.05.2020
Dear Family - Dear Members!

This announcement will be the most serious one we did in the life of Diversity-Find Club ever. But we know we are not only a nameless community but a real Family who are do solidarity with each other if the situation demands it.

So... we arrived to a cross-roads in our operation.

In recent weeks, the COVID-crisis has led to a serious downward market trend on the whole world, coupled with the bankruptcy of many companies in the online money-maker world too (revshares, hyips, other programs went scam - we know them all...).

Our portfolio has also suffered from this period. We have repeatedly asked you not to panic and withdraw money without reason because you are making more leaks on the ship of DFC that will be hard to plug. Some of you understood it, but there are several other ones who unfortunately did not. They probably do not read our FB group and do not follow our news (that would be a bsic thing eh...). It is not enough to close the programs that we were thought to be stable, but our work is also impossible because our investments do not have time to make a profit and we cannot start new ones due to the payment constraint.

This is a trap: As we are a revshare program - wihout "rev(enue)" we cannot share anything with you and our program start sinking in a downward money spiral: No revenue - No daily sharing backs - No payins - No money for new investment opportunities - No income from programs -> All the cashflow stops and we are drying-up in a short time and "MUST" close our program.
Because the DFC is dollar-settled, we have repaid the profits to our members at the $9,500 exchange rate over the past two months, even when the actual exchange rate was $5,000. Meanwhile, rents for the new packages have dropped, unchanged for 2 months, even though the epidemic is slowly coming to an end and the market has begun to recover. The power of bitcoin has also returned, yet nothing has changed in the withdrawal/rent ratio!

We dug deep into our database and made an excel-sheet about every DFC member: Cash balance, All deposit - All withdrawal -> Final balance (Member<>R.O.I.)

Based on this sheet we had to decide what the future would be for DFC - we talked about it for hours with Admin2, so there are ONLY two versions which is possible:

A.) We pay out our last cents and close the DFC, so many of our members lose their deposit and maybe the faith in the whole online income opportunities. We lose our Child - our Family - our brand we did it in the least 3,6 years we operate...

B.) We continue to operate the DFC, but we introduce very serious changes.

We waited for weeks (8 weeks passed from the start of Pandemic) for our members to change their attitudes about withdrawals, but it did not happen yet. The majority continues to treat our program as a payment/cashout point (even a cashier for the closed programs of our portfolio...). Those who had not logged into their account for several months and accumulated thousands of dollars also returned and began to withdraw. In recent weeks, when the value of bitcoin has halved, they have appeared and taken out the money with double profit. Of course we are not a bank or other financial institute but think about what happens to a bank from which everyone wants to withdraw their money at once! (Collapsing and need a serious capital injection to survive ot let them sink...). /The current relatively high bitcoin price only partially help Us. - The problem is much bigger.../

Of course we chose version B.) and carried on the DFC under the following conditions:

The final solution: A "one-time" package purchase (money not to the cashout balance but YOU MUST BUY PACKAGE from it! - we will verify all of them) from external source (from any processor of course) anyone who wants to withdraw money from DFC in the future - FROM TODAY! 
 - A $25 pack need for everyone who has not over ROI yet or withdrew lesser from the system (Dashboard - Rent Profit-Packs menu so you can directly buy package from processor).
 - A $50 pack need for everyone who are a member of Max-Packers Club or over ROI yet regardless of their number of active packs (Dashboard - Add Balance menu). (Of course who are on max packs cannot buy another one - he/she will rise the cash balance and cannot withdraw it for 1 week from the purchase date)
 - From this time new packages can only be rented from external sources. We will eliminate package rentals from the internal balance (so that our debt to our members does not increase further). If you want to rent packages in the future from inner balance (that will not available from now...) -> You request a cashout - we pay out and you put it back as external source! More transactions but this will provide a healthy cash-flow in the system in and out.
 - The daily redistribution is reduced to 0.3 % fixed until we will go back to a trajectory of growth (this will be not in the far future if everyone understand the currenty situation and do what it must be...)

We know it is a serious sacrifice from everyone, but it is still better than version A.)! Think about it: If we can successfully tackle this crisis we never seen before, the program can return to a growth path again! We do not want to disappear, but to continue to operate the DFC like before. Think all about it. It will take maybe a few months, after which we will restore the previous conditions pretty slowly!

The whole world is in a financial crisis and we do not know where it will eventually lead Us... but we know one thing: DFC is our life behind our real-life work and we do this all by heart for 3,6 years and we want to continue all of this at least the same years we passed yet!

Sooner or later, every program reaches a level where a tough decision has to be made by admin(s): Close the program cowardly (exit-scam without any informations about possible financial problems) and spit on their members or like Us who has a Family not only nameless members and try to solve the problems somehow. As you can see around 9,9/10 admins close the program in this situation without any notice. We are the 0,1 who try to solve the problem!

We believe in you and your common sense - and you will not riot or shout scam because plan A will activating immediately because of the rebels.

This time is for not the lucre time but the time of a little personal sacrifice for the program and for all of Us!

We promise: We do our part in future like before and maintain this "all system". In this 3,6 years everyone got his/her withdrawal in 1 day and this will be the same in the future years too if you do not let the system to stop and pay-in this 1 package we are talked about.

We have the greatest Family in the whole revshare world - we survived many thing in the past years - without asking you for anything! - do not let you end this great program!

With the greatest respect,

- Edmund Wells and Admin2 -

Summary of the changes in our currently system !!! during !!! the pandemic:

- Daily redistribution: 0,3 % per day (7 days a week)
- Referral commission: 1 % (with unlimited referrals)
- Minimum cashout: $20
- Maximum cashout: $100
- Cashouts delay: 2 days interval between cashouts
- Need for cashouts from now: Buying a one-time package ($25 or $50 mentioned in the article) from external source regardless of your current rented package numbers

All of this will be back to normal operation after the crisis.

Accepting of ERK (Eureka) and USDT (Tether) coins - 18.04.2020
Hello Family!

We are accepting ERK (Eureka coin) and USDT (Tether USD) from now.
The USDT is Omni-layered so you can send it only from Bitcoin based wallets!

Our cashflow still not regenerated -> Every day we pay out to you $1000+ and our incomes (daily payins + portfolio earnings) are not covering this expenses yet!

Of course our money management allows some disturbances but this system must be at least "egal" in the future.

From now: From week to week the weekly sharing backs will start growing a bit but until the cashflow system regenerates of course the daily about 0,8% will not comes back...

(Fanfares on:) On 16 April we were 3,5 YEARS OLD exactly ;) Yes... 1270+ days flawless operation on a 2 years of descending crypto market! Good eh? :D

We wish you a beautiful weekend and protect yourself and your loved ones! 🥰🥰🥰

- Edmund and Admin2 -

Pandemic news and changes in our operation - 15.03.2020
Hello Family - This is an answer to the world pandemic...

Personally I never thought that can be a real scenario what we seeing on the streets... empty places, patrols... CURFEWS! Like in a film we seen many before... a bad dream that came true.
Another thing I never believed: The crypto markets -50 percent collapse in just a few days... everyone said: Crypto is the new oil and gold, it will only rise when "there are blood on the streets" - an escaping value keeping "standard". LOL... not fully...
So we are here now, and we have to make some restriction to continue our marching like before in the last 3,5 years:

We are not planning any stop in our operation!!!! We are marching ahead only a bit slower then before:

- You voted the $25 minimum cashouts but we "only" rise it to the lower value: $20 will be the new cashout"s minimum to all processors
- But the main: The daily sharing backs will be reduced to 0,4 - 0,5 percent per day from the 0,8-0,9 percent !!!! This is a necessary step to go ahead!

Our greatest "external income" source My Passive Trades announced that withdrawals, sharing backs and trading operations will be ON HOLD until the market come to life again.

Well we also can do this BUT NOT. During the years our experience was: If a program stops paying it will start a death-spiral for itself: No daily sharing back -> no daily income -> no new "investors" and the program dried out in some weeks.

So we ask you Family: Be smart and don"t panic. A program"s success the daily cash-flow. This means: The money flowing IN AND OUT! If one of the direction dies... the program dies with it.
Our program is on a stable money-background but we are not GODS we cannot create money from the rocks :D
So please do not do panic withdrawals - we are here and we will be here for years but without your it won"t be successful.

Payins -> Sharing back -> Payouts : This is the success formula. Any of these are missing the program collapses.

We will going through on these hard weeks (months?) - and everything will be the same again in the future.

All of this can be happen TOGETHER

We promise: Keeping up this system with the new daily sharing backs like before but YOU HAVE TO USE our system like before: renting packs, buying fixed banners, ad credits etc. ONLY THIS WILL DRIVE US THROUGH THESE TIMES!

With greatest LOVE:

- Edmund Wells and Admin2 -

BTC withdrawals - 14.03.2020
Dear Family!

As you can see - panic in the world (corona virus) and panic in the exchangers too. Cryptos dropped -20-30% even more... so we have got chaotic times now.

Our pending withdrawals exceeded the 60+ numbers and we cannot pay them to you because of the fcking mempools unavailability... maybe evryone buy on this low rate... peoples are crazy in these days.

So be patient there will be delays in the - BTC ONLY - payouts but if we need to do them on Sunday - we will do it then.

This is a good opportunity to announce: DFC is not that little program that was years ago. We did something in the last 3,5 years... as our business grows - our member base grows - our daily transactions are in the skies... and you know we do this all besides our real work.

Enough of the words: We raise the payout minimum from $10 to $20 from next Monday. We told you several times PLEASE do not request withdrawals every day or every 2 days. We are here and we will be here - if you do not believe in Us and you request your pennies every day... we are not your choice. Extremely hard to do the daily payouts to know 40% will be the <10$ payouts again and again and again.

So, be patient we are paying like before just due to the heavy load of the bitcoin chain: Guarda, Blockchain wallets are not allow to send transactions due to mempool disturbance !!!!!!!! (Perfect Money and PAYEER are not affected of course)

We are hoping that this craziness will be over in some days and everything go back to normal...

Peace - Love - Unity!

- Edmund and Admin2 -

Database maintenance - 01.03.2020
Hello Dear Members of DFC!

Today we deleted the thousands of Business Directory ads we find in the database where the credits were under 0. Unfortunately our script has a bug: When your directory ad expires (its credits reach 0) the system counts them into zero values. Therefore if you want to add credits to your existing ads do it until the counter reaches 0 or simply create your ad again with the desired credits.

We deleted all of the unverified members too so our database fully cleared.

- DFC admins -

Happy New Year 2020 - 01.01.2020
Dear Family of DFC!

This is the 5th year we start to operate! - Thank you for your support - without you all of this would be nothing!

"It’s not the destination, it’s the journey. May you enjoy each day of your adventure. Happy New Year!"

We are marching ahead in 2020 too! - Follow Us!

- Edmund and Admin2 -

Minor changes in payments! - 30.11.2019
Dear DFC Family!

As we wrote 1 month ago, it is no longer possible to withdraw money on Sunday (only on Sunday!). Also due to the reduction in administration time, the minimum withdrawal limit has been raised to $10 from today. We wrote that the number of members has increased and there is therefore much more work than before. We don not want to make any mistakes, so we made this difficult decision. Everything goes further in the normal course! We hope that your trust in us will not waver and will remain with us in the future.
Have a nice weekend everyone!

Changing payout rule on Sundays from 1st December - 03.11.2019
Hello Family! 😎

As you know we are only humans just like you and not bio-robots so we need some resting time besides DFC 🥺

So from 1st of December the payouts will be offline ONLY ON SUNDAYS! Of course every other service will be available like before ONLY CASHOUTS will be switched off for this 1 day on the week. I think this is not a big thing... you can understand this. (Payins, Support, Daily Sharing back are unchanged!)

As our Family grows day by day ( this is happiness 🥳 ) - Our daily task are growing heavily too... 😰

Thank you for your understanding! We are marching forward! 🤩🤩🤩

- Edmund and Admin2 -

3rd Birthday of DFC - 16.10.2019
Hello DFC-Family!

I want to say a big thank you all of You, for Us! We are not only a program of many... we are a Family and we are taking care of each other!!!

Of course this is a 2-way journey... We are for you, but you are for Us: We are keeping up this system tirelessly and you must use our system - not only the free parts. Buy fixed banner ads, Buy Pixel Ads, Participate in DiversiTips etc.

I wish Us a prosperous next 3 years and let the cryptos "TO THE MOOOOOON" with Us ;)

We love you all 🥰🥰🥰

- Edmund and Admin2 -

Facebook and DiversiTips problems - 06.10.2019
Dear Members of DFC!

Facebook banned our account and do not allow to enter the site (any more?) - so we cannot reach you via this platform. Of course DiversiTips group involved in this.

You can reach Us via email and support ticket only.

We made a new email account too:

Send Us email if you want something personal!

Of course all of this not affects our business - payins and payouts works!

Thank you and we will inform you about news!

Update: Every problems solved!

- Admins -

Payout limit increase at BTC - 03.09.2019
Dear Members,

There are many new members in DFC, which means that the daily payouts have also increased dramatically. As you know, all payments are made manually for security reasons. Most payments are made 20 to 30 times a day in BTC, plus Payeer and PM payments. There are a lot of $5 payouts, so the BTC payout limit will now be $10. Payment requests under $10 for the bitcoin wallet will be rejected. Payeer and PM payout limits remain $5.
Thank you for your understanding!

admins of DFC

New Coinpayments Account Started - 19.07.2019
Hello DFC users!

We are proudly presents our brand new Fully-Verified (Complete KYC) Coinpayments account! 😎

We had to move to a completely new account so our 3 years statistics went to the Heaven... RIP old account 😭

BUT! Every end is a new beginning! Coinpayments will disable every user accounts API and Shopping Cart in its system without full KYC verification!
(This is an info for every admins who uses Coinpayments gateway!!!)

So nothing has changed by your side, we have only one question for you! Please rate us as feedbacks because our program seems to be a brand new that started in July 2019 LOOOOOL! Thank you family!

We are stronger than before and we are sailing in the same boat - never forget! Go go go! 😎😎😎

- Edmund -

ATTENTION! - 21.06.2019
A few days ago the bitcoin transaction fee began to rise. You can check here average transaction fee:…/bitcoin-transactionfees.html…

We would like to announce that the minimum amount of bitcoin payment will be $10 until the fee drops back to $0.4.
Please, read relevant paragraph 4 in the FAQ. This rule applies only to bitcoin payments. The rule for PM and Payeer withdrawals is unchanged!

Please also inform your referrals, because we will not send newsletter about this.
Thank you for your understanding.

DFC admins

Bitcoin payment limit change - 02.04.2019
Dear DFC family!

A few weeks ago we asked you not to claim $5 payouts because we make every payment by hand. Our membership is constantly increasing (we are glad to do so) but more and more work is due to payments. We are writing for another reason now.
A few days ago the bitcoin transaction fee began to rise. You can check here average transaction fee:…/bitcoin-transactionfees.html…

We would like to announce that the minimum amount of bitcoin payment will be $10 until the fee drops back to $0.4.
Yesterday, we also supplemented the relevant paragraph 4 in the FAQ. This rule applies only to bitcoin payments.

Please also inform your referrals, because we will not send newsletter about this.
Thank you for your understanding.

DFC admins

Server Upgrade after a DDOS attack - 31.03.2019
Dear Members of Diversity-Fund Club!

As we experienced yesterday, our server exceeded our monthly bandwidth limit just before 1 day its reset. We did the proper actions to solve this "glitch" immediately.
Exceeding this limit was a very interesting thing because we never exceeded the 400 GB / 600 GB limit...
Well we upgraded our server to a bigger package and now the monthly limit raised to 800 GB and we have a bigger "iron" under it! -> Boys and Girls as you knew in the past we always did everything for you, for Us! This is a WIN-WIN situation!

So the upgraded server works properly again and after the examinaton of the logs... well yes... we had a serious DDOS attack yesterday that consumed all of the remaining monthly bandwidth!!! Damn... evil and envious peoples are around Us... this is the life :(

Thank you for your patience! We are marching forward with a more powerful website!

Stay tuned!

- Admins -

Sectigo Essential SSL Certificate activated - 22.02.2019
Dear Family of DFC!

We bought a new SSL certification to the site:

"Sectigo Essential SSL Certificate" - Domain Validated SSL certification
/Sectigo formerly COMODO/

Please everyone - check our banners on your advertising sites to be correctly visualised!
/Basically you do not need to do anything with them!/

- Admins -

Happy New Year 2019 - 03.01.2019
-> A new year is the one, and the possibilities are endless. Wishing you a new year, filled with joy and hope <-

Dear Family of DFC - We wish Us a prosperous 2019!

- Admins -

Merry Christmas in 2018 - 23.12.2018
Dear Family!

We wish you a Merry Christmas for 2018. This is the 3rd times we are here together in DFC Family!

"Christmas is like candy; it slowly melts in your mouth sweetening every taste bud, making you wish it could last forever. - Richelle E. Goodrich"

- Admins -

DFC Pixel Advertising Opportunity - 13.12.2018
Dear Members of DFC!

The original pixel advertising idea comes from Alex Tew but there is no place on his site. So now you can advertise here in such a special way. 
We are offering you this type of advertising with a one-time advertising fee for an endless time (unlimited impressions!!!)

You can see the details in the PIXEL ADS menu or here:

- Admins -

CONTEST CLOSED!!!! - 01.12.2018
Dear DFC members!

The 3rd Contest is over. The prizes were placed on the balances. We thank everyone for their participation.


NEW CONTEST!!! - 22.10.2018
Dear DFC members!

The latest contest started, details can be seen on the Dashboard menu (NEW Contest!).
Good luck for that!

DFC admins

Daily sharing-back time changed - 14.10.2018
Dear Members!

Due to server upgrade the daily sharing-back time changed (a little shifting). Of course this is not affected to our operation - the sharing-back the same: Once in every 24 hours.

- Admins -

Little change in our operation - 23.08.2018
Dear members of DFC!

The summer season ends soon. As you can see, the weekly shares started growing. This will continue in the future like before.
There will be a little change in our operation. After 15th September, we will only pay out the money earned from free clicks for those who have an active account (rented at least 1 profit pack lifetime and still active). If you do not have an active profit pack, you can not withdraw money collected from free clicks (Business Directory).

We wish you a great holiday! - Admins

DiversiTips - Sport Betting restarted - 08.08.2018
Dear Members of DFC!

DFC Proudly Presents: "(c) DiversiTips ReLoaded"

This can be familiar for most of you.. we restarted our Sport Betting-Tips Service like in last year! 🤗

We found (Thank God or anyone else...) very serious tipsters /for "hard" euros (500+) per month.../ and we want to share their daily tips with you for a small share of its original monthly fee!

We have made a very hard changing: From this time you can pay for the tips with your DFC INNER BALANCE! Not only by external separated money like before!

You can find everything about this service:

- Good Luck for Us! - Admins -

Hungarian Facebook Support Group - 01.08.2018
Dear Members of DFC!

One of our Hungarian member started a local support group for hungarians on the Facebook!

Please let every Hungarian member join to this site too:

You can get news and informations on your own language! - Great initiative we support you guys!

We wish you a great success!

- Admins -

Lower advertisement prices - 17.07.2018
Dear Customers!

As we mentioned before our next upgrade will be the lowering the prices of banner advertisements! -> Now it is DONE!

We deleted all of the Fixed Advertisement packs and left only 1 -> This 1 pack will be apply for all type!

So you can choose any size of banners - for 1 price: Only 5 dollars for 1 Week!

This is only 0,71 $ / day for unlimited impressions and clicks... /You can see correct informations about your banners: how many clicks and impressions received!/

Do not forget! All of the banners appear on every page of our site (on footer) and even in the Business Directory header too!!!

Just a note: If more than one member buy the same banner place in the same time, the banners share their place and rotating until they expires. Of course if no one buy your desired banner place for 1 week only you -> your banner will be there ALONE-ONLY for this one week!

We wish a beautiful Summer for everyone!

- Admins -

Summer Season - Silly Season started - 27.06.2018
Dear Valued Family of DFC!

The summer is here, the school is over and the silly season started!
As you can see most of the businesses are on standby mode and the crypto world also stagnate.
Of course in these times we cannot maintain our everyday percentages - as we are not an HYIP. 

So from this week we are slowing down a bit - but ONLY with a couple of percentages per week in the SUMMER SEASON ONLY of course.

Enjoy the beautiful summer and do not forget - we will not be on holiday (payins and payouts are continuous) so you can reach us every day on the week 24/7 like before.

- Admins -

New GDPR compatible Privacy Policy! - 23.05.2018
Dear Members!

You must have heard that a new data management law will come into effect soon. We strive to comply with all legal regulations, so we have updated our Privacy Policy page with new GDPR compatible policies. Please read it because it will come into effect on May 25, 2018.

Thank you
DFC admin team

Milestone - Over 500 percent shared back - 19.05.2018
Hello Family of DFC!

We passed another great Milestone in the life of DFC:

We are operating for 580 days and TODAY we passed the 500% shared back revenue!!!

Thank you for everyone! We are marching forward!

- Admins -

Komodo and NEO are accepted - 06.05.2018
Dear Family of DFC!

From this time we are accepting Komodo (KMD) and NEO (NEO) crpytocurrencies for payins via Coinpayments gateway! - You can choose them from now!

- Admins -

Happy Easter for every DFC member! - 31.03.2018
Easter is a time for thinking of those who are a special part of our lives... and have a special place in our hearts... that is why Easter is a time for thinking of you!

Happy Easter for every DFC Member!

--> Admins <--

Business Directory monetization changed - 11.03.2018
Dear Family of DFC!

We shared back $1287.3 in our Business Directory so far from the beginnings. We never changed this monetization money - the $0.005 per ad.

We revised our system and decided to lower the per ad amount to $0.004 from this time.

The monetized Business Directory system designed originally to attract new FREE members to our site who will test the system and they will become paid members after their test period.

As we told you from the beginning our goal is not collecting free members to our site. We can make money from money... so we need rather 1 paid member than 100 frees.

So we hope you understand all of these, we are marching forward together like before!

- Admins -

We are a backing-fund of Passive Coin - 18.02.2018
We are proudly present that we are the first company of Passive Coin-s -> Other Digital Assets in our Backing Fund <- section!

Thank you for this honor!

You can see us on the bottom of the page:

We wish a long-lasting cooperation for both of us!

- Admins -

Ethereum withdrawals allowed - 20.01.2018
Dear Members of Diversity-Fund Club!

We started the new year and we want to announce the following:

We are not waiting for the Lightning Network of the Bitcoin network therefore we decided to allow our members to withdraw their money via ETHEREUM network! (Until the BTC speeding up again we want ETH the main crypto withdrawal option!)

So what do you have to do for ETHEREUM withdrawals?
- Send us an email from your Diversity-Fund REGISTERED email to
- Send us your actual Bitcoin address (now it is in your profile...)
- Send us your new ETHEREUM address you want to use for withdrawals and we will overwrite your BTC address to ETH

Our script does not support ethereum but this is not a problem. If we see your Bitcoin withdrawal and there is an Ethereum address (you submitted us by email) - we send your withdrawal via Ethereum... if you do not want ETH withdrawals you do not have to do anything and we will send you the BTC like before.

/So we will simply overwrite your actual BTC address to your ETH address - of course this is not affected for your payins via cryptos.../

- Admins -

Happy New Year and BitCoin - 02.01.2018
We wish you a prosperous new year for everyone!

Just a notice: Due to the heavy load of the Bitcoin network, the network fee easily can be up to $40 so we will delete the small amount BTC withdrawals without any notice!

If you want to withdraw small amounts please use Payeer or Perfect Money for them. Thank you.

- Admin -

Merry X-Mas 2017 - 24.12.2017
Wohohooooo! Christmas is here - We wish you all a blessed holy-day!

And now comes the Super-Extra-Year-Closing gift for everyone!

From 12.25.2017 - 12.31.2017 we give you +10% cash-gift for every pay-ins via CRYPTOcurrencies to your cash balance! (Only from external sources-no internal repurchase, you will get your bonus via manual processing by us)

2. Every program slows down (or disappearing...) by the end of year BUT WE DO NOT - so during this upcoming last week our daily sharing-back will be OVER 1 PERCENT EVERY DAY ;)

Girls and Boys - without you all of this would be nothing!



ANNIVERSARY Video Contest Ended - 23.12.2017
Our anniversary video contest ended today!

1st place: Iaroslav Mazur (Iaroslav) -> $75
2nd place: Brandon Selby (passivetools) -> $55

Your cash balances are credited with your prizes ;)

Thank you everyone for participating! - The winner video will go to our main page, the other one goes to our FAQ section!

- Admins -

Small BTC withdrawals reversed - 12.12.2017
Dear Members!

Due to extreme pressure of the Bitcoin network, the BTC withdrawal fees are over 14 dollars, so we will reverse every payout request via BTC under 80 dollars. About above 80 dollars your payout fee covers the sending fee so we will send it then.

Thank you for your understandings... if Lightning Network will be applicated on BTC network soon this problem will be solved and the BTC transactions will be cheap and fast again!

- Admins -

BTC fees are over 12 dollars per transaction - 07.12.2017
Dear Members!

The mempool of the BTC network is fully loaded again... so the fees are extreme high again!

We reversed the BTC withdrawals - The BTC fee is over 12 dollars now... we think you do not want to pay it...

So feel free to make your withdrawal on PM or PAYEER processors!

- Admins -

End of DiversiTips betting tips - 03.12.2017
Dear members!

As you see - we stopped the DiversiTips service for the public masses from1st December. Maybe the hand of fate... we closed our last day with 100 % tips (4/4 WON!)
So nothing else change: Diversity-Fund and Crypto world will be our main aim like before.

Best wishes
admins of DF

BCH and Bitconnect payments are accepted - 18.11.2017
Dear Members!

From this time you can use your BCH and BCC coins for payins!
Simply choose Bitcoin at cash in and on the Coinpayments form you can choose your desired altcoin!

Other good news: The Bitcoin pool started normalizing and the fees too!

- Admins -

BTC fees extreme in these days - 12.11.2017
Dear Members!

We will delay our Bitcoin withdrawal transactions in these days due to the extreme high withdrawal fees of the BTC network.

The average sending fee MINIMUM MORE THAN 15 DOLLARS NOW... until it normalizing we will not sending any BTC transactions.

Thank you for your understandings. Of course this not good for us and not good for you.

/Perfect Money and Payeer are not affected!/

- Admins -

Bitcoin Network Changes - High fees again - 11.11.2017
Dear Members!

Due to the Segwit and other events the Bitcoin network are slowed again and the transaction fees are very high again!

So from this time we will deduct again this fee from your requested money. (Of course only that case if your 5 percent withdrawal deduction is less than this amount)

You can see the Bitcoin Mempool here... more transactions, more higher fees..

- Admins

ANNIVERSARY Video Contest - 18.10.2017
Dear Community! We are 1 year old!

Personally, we can’t think of a better way of celebrating this event than via a special contest. So, let’s dive right into the details of the contest that we’ve come up for our dear members! Given the fact that it’s the "Anniversary Contest", we’ve thought that it’d be appropriate to let you help us “capture it on film”. And when we say “capture”, we mean it. The contest that we’re currently launching isn’t a regular one, because... it’s a VIDEO-contest! 

Details on the Dashboard - Anniversary submenu

- Admins -

Happy 1st Birthday to Our Community - 16.10.2017
Dear Community!

What would you say if someone asked you whether one year is a significant-enough milestone to be celebrated?

Now, we’re extremely proud to announce that the DiversityFund project has just entered its second year in operation! Our hearts are overfilled with joy for what we’ve already managed to accomplish together - and gratitude to you for supporting us in all of our endeavors!

It has been a rather difficult job to grow this business in such a competitive and pitiless market, but we are more than satisfied with the end results, and sincerely believe that all the hard work was absolutely worth it!

So let come some "Vires In Numeris" about this 1 year:
- Our community: 524 members
- Shared Back in this 1 year: 320 % profit !!!
- 40,84 % of Profit Packs already matured
- $ 748 shared back via Business Directory System (a.k.a. PTC-like) to the community
- 24/7/365 day support and payouts
- Never a missed pay-in and pay-out!

Soon, we will announce a special "Anniversary Contest" - Stay tuned!

Thank you very much for everyone who are with us in this journey! Without you all of this cannot be happened ;)

- Admins -

Second Contest reveal - 04.10.2017
We have successfully achieved the next Milestone in the life of DiversityFund: its member base has crossed the 500 mark! So, it’s about time that we launch our long-awaited Second Contest!

Here is all you need to know about it:
- The duration of the contest: Oct-03-2017(midnight) - Nov-13-2017(midnight).
- The main objective of the contest: bringing new Members/Subscriptions to the DiversiTips Facebook group.
- Who can participate? Every member of, no matter whether he’s got a paid or a free account!
- The main rule of the contest: Whoever refers the most new paid members to the DiversiTips Facebook group, wins the contest!

Please login to your Dashboard and you can see the full details in the Contest Quick Menu!

- Admins -

BTC transaction fees are high again - 16.08.2017
Dear Members!

The BTC network slowed down again, so the transaction sending fees rised again!

Today this fees is 2,27 dollars / transaction regardless of the transaction value in dollars... so if you request a payout in 5 dollars we have to pay 5 + 2,27 dollars for you... 

So from this time we will deduct again this fee from your requested money. (Of course only that case if your 5 percent withdrawal deduction is less than this amount)

About 43 dollars and above is the limit where you get your full 43 dollars payout (because this 5 percent deduction covers your BTC transaction fee...)

Thank you for your understandings!

- Admins -

BTC transactions enabled again - 02.08.2017
Hello Dear Members!

We are over the Bitcoin HardFork - nothing problem with the Bitcoin network so we are back to normal operation!

You can make any transactions via Bitcoin like before!

- Admins -

Critical update! - 01.08.2017 - BTC - 29.07.2017
Dear Members of Diversity-Fund!

Please suspend your BITCOIN paying ins and withdrawals on 01.08.2017!!!
On this day we will not perform any payout to our customers in Bitcoin so please withdraw them prior or after this date!
(Of course Payeer and Perfect Money transactions are not affected)

The reason:

What is the Bitcoin Cash (BCC) hard fork?
Bitmain, the largest mining pool and manufacturer of mining equipment, previously announced, that if BIP 148, a user-activated soft fork (UASF), should be activated, they will separate the Bitcoin Blockchain through a hard fork. This action would consequently create a whole new currency.
This new currency, Bitcoin Cash, would only be created if the BIP proposition saw the light of day, a prospect that was shut down by the activation of BIP91 (SegWit2X). However, ViaBTC, another major mining pool and trading platform, announced their regardless intentions to activate the hard fork. This means that Bitcoin Cash will probably become a reality on August 1st, and become its own currency, separate from the Bitcoin Blockchain. Bitcoin Cash is not a new or second Bitcoin, it will become just another altcoin in the industry.

New DF reviews! - 10.07.2017
Dear members!

Our program description is available in several languages at REVIEWS section:
- English
- French
- German
- Romanian
- Hungarian

Thank you to our active members.


Tesseract-1 Project announced - 18.06.2017
Hello Dear members!

As we mentioned in our previous news, we began a new project called "Tesseract Project".
Now time has come to announce it proudly! We started our FIRST own Crypto Mining computer! The big brother coming soon...

You can see more details on the MMG forum post:

- Admins -

A new project on the horizon... - 14.06.2017
Dear members and visitors!

As summer approaches, there are more and more unreliable websites. We need a stable leg which even works when these webpages disappear. 
Soon we will launch this new leg called TESSERACT PROJECT. This is another guarantee that the Diversity-Fund will work for a long time. The doubters will also believe that our program is on a real and stable basis.
We share the details within a few days. Please, be patient.

DF Admin team

DiversiTips launched! - 09.06.2017
Dear Members!

We started the tipster service yesterday. You can follow our results here:

Free and subscripton-based tips are available on every day. Make your chance to win and earn money with us. Follow our free tips (Shoutbox) and subscripton-based tips on our Facebook group.
We will not give you tips on betting-weak days.
IMPORTANT: We do not manage your bankroll we just giving you tip(s) day by day. You have to place your bet in your desired betting account (Bet365 recommended).

- Free tips - no fee! Here:
- Subscripton-based tips - you can pay with main payment processors: Perfect Money, Payeer or bitcoin sending.
- We will put your Facebook profile into DiversiTips group once the payment has arrived.
- VIP membership is available! If you have more than $1000 worth of active Diversity-Fund profit packs, you may be a member of the group without further payment. Send us a Support ticket with your username and Facebook profil URL.

Details are here:

Good Luck!

BitCoin wihdrawal fee raised - 19.05.2017
Dear Members!

From now we send every Bitcoin payout request with $1 fee due to bitcoin network slowing. This fee will boost the confirmation time so you will get your withdrawal in hours like before.

You can read the full article about this changing here:

Please read this article everyone - under $20 BTC withdrawal request this will be a plus cost for everyone! - Admins

Slow BTC confirmation time on payouts - 12.05.2017
Dear Members!

We are always send your payments via Blockchain wallet with the appropriate sending fee!

Due to the high bitcoin transaction numbers - the Bitcoin network is very slow in these days. About 140.000 transaction waiting for approval... so we must wait for the transactions to be confirmed.

You can always check the current "overload" of the Bitcoin network here:

Higher transaction count = Higher time in transaction confirmations... (at 140.000 this can be 24 hours or later!)

So we must be patient all, the payout arrives sooner or later for everyone!

This is not our "fault" but the Bitcoin network!

- Admins -

Directory ads raising and Labor Day - 01.05.2017
Dear Community!

Happy Labor Day to everyone!

From this day we raise the ad credits in both Profit-Packs:

DF25 - 25 Business Directory ad credits --> 40 Business Directory ad credits

DF50 - 60 Business Directory ad credits --> 100 Business Directory ad credits

Thank you for your continuous support - and always check our FORUM for news too!

- Admins -

Happy Easter and 6th months Site-Birthday - 15.04.2017
Hello Dear members!

Please read the following post on MMG Forum:

We wish you a Blessed Easter and of course our customer service will be online during this holiday too! (Admins)

Over 5 months perfect operating - 16.03.2017
Welcome Dear Members!

Congratulation to everyone - we are over 5 months hassle-free operation!

You can read the full article on MMG forum:

Thank you for everyone! - Admins

Minimum payout back to $5.00 - 21.02.2017
Dear Members!

During this 4 months we lowered the minimum payout to $3.00 as described in the F.A.Q: "Temporarily we have lowered the payout minimum to $3.00 in the first times for faster withdrawals!"
We think the "temporarily" time is over (after 4 months...) so the minimum payout is $5.00 again like before!

Thank you for your understandings!

- Admins -

4 months operating - 17.02.2017
Dear Members!

Congratulation to everyone - we are 4 months old! 

Thank you for your continuous support and trust!

- Admins -

Change in FAQ and Terms - 04.02.2017
Dear members!

We will have a small modification in our FAQ / Terms of Services:
From this time forth every accounts that is on the SAME IP (same 2nd account, same family, company sub accounts etc.) – CANNOT BE IN REFERRAL RELATION WITH EACH OTHER.
So you can create any accounts from the same IP but these accounts cannot be in over/under relation with each other.
This is a referral commission cheat (...we cannot verify who are behind same IPs...) so everyone who violates this rule – his/her account will be deleted from our system without notice.
(Our Anti-Cheat protection in the script always informs us about: Same IP, same IP type, related accounts, passwords etc. - so we can see these anomalies immediately!)

Thank you for your understanding – this rule will help our program’s greater success in the future! 

- Admins –

1st Contest Ended - 01.02.2017
Our first "Fund-attracting Contest" ended today!

The duration of the contest was: Dec-13-2016 -> Jan-31-2017

You can see the details on the Dashboard - Contest and on the MMG Forum!

Thank you all - Next contest coming soon...

- Admins -

MileStone News - 28.01.2017
Today is the day when I can tell everyone:

ProfitPacks bought on first day in our program reached its 100 % value! And approximately in 20 days our "First complete cycle" will be done!

So our "early-birds" marching towards the +20 % profit on each pack!

Congratulation to all of us - Without you we could not reach this!

- Admins -

New Year Wishes 2017 - 12.01.2017
Wishing you all good things on this New Year!
Have fun, joy, peace, love, care, luck and success ahead with!
Happy New Year Greetings to All our Members! - Admins

Informations for last week of 2016 - 25.12.2016
Dear Members!

The upcoming next week will be the last in 2016. Most of programs and forex traders slowing down or stopping during this period. Therefore our revenue sharing also slowing down a bit for this week around to 5 %. Of course in January we will also returning back to normal operation and the weekly sharing also coming back to a normal level.
And last but not least this is the period when most of the programs disappearing due to greedy admins so we do not want to expanding our portfolio in this dangerous period. Protecting our money is the most important thing in our program!

"Open your eyes, look at the bright day awaiting you, forget all bad dreams and start afresh. Wishing you a wonderful New Year for 2017!"

- Admins -

Merry Christmas! - 24.12.2016
Dear our members!

The business never stops. Diversity-Fund team will work even during holidays. We wish you and your families Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

- DF management -

Dashboard full again! - 12.12.2016
Dashboard full again! - Thank you for your patience! (Admins)

We have seen Dashboard problem and working on it!

Sorry for inconvenience!

News from Diversity-Fund! - 12.12.2016
Dear Members and Visitors!

As you see we are growing steady (member base and portfolio). The revenue sharing was 7,4 % on previous week. We arrived to the Great 2nd Milestone in the life of our program! The member base is over 100 users so the awaited First Contest is here! Details are here!

Other news:
- We are still waiting the refund from AOMM... but our hope fly away soon I think...
- As you can see the withdrawals are continuous 
- ETHTrade - we opened another account and deposited some money
- Supreme Ads - we started here with the premium packs 
- InstaAdsPay - launched today and we started here with $100 for test
- All programs performs well!

We wish a good week for everyone.
- DF Management - 

Weekly news ! - 05.12.2016
Dear Members!

We reached +8% earning on last week. Our program works fine and we found some new promised opportunity for diversify.

Other news:
- My24hourincome came back :)
- Supremeads account launched with $150 (in BTC)
- Banana.Fund account launched
- every payments sent 
- support tickets solved

Best regards

-  Management Team -

Highest income on last week! - 27.11.2016
Dear Members!

We closed our sixth week on Sunday and we reached net +8.2% profit. It was our highest result till now.

Other news:
- every programs are working fine
- MyPayingCryptoAds account launched
- every payments sent within a couple of hours
- support tickets solved

Have a good week

-  Management Team -

Result on 5th week - 20.11.2016
Dear our Members!

Our profit was +7.6% on last week. We closed our AOMM account because they went bankrupt. There was only a little deposit ($20) for testing so we never felt. 
We have deposited two new opportunities: Mexeer and TheAdsTeam.

Short news:
- our member base is growing slowly
- every payout made within a couple of hours
- every support request answered and solved

Best regards

- Management Team - 

Nixmoney added - 09.11.2016
Dear members!

We added Nixmoney manually payment method to Add Balance menu today. Many people were interested of Nixmoney, so we can accept it from now.

Best wishes

- Management Team - 

Result + Changes + added Review page - 07.11.2016
Dear Members!

We have updated the third weekly result which was +7.9%. We had an average week and we mapped some new opportunity. This activity is going on. We are glad that our customers are 49 already and we hope to manage to activate those who have not been paid-in. 

Short news:
- Our member base growing moderate
- Every payout made within a couple of hours
- Every support request answered and solved in hours

- Portfolio list is constantly updating more times per week, except forex diagrams - because it is showing the live statistics.
- Completed our Review page. You can view articles about us!

Best wishes!

- Diversity-Fund Management Team -

Result on 2nd week and updates - 01.11.2016
Dear Members!

We closed the second week on Sunday. During this period was 7.7% gain which is pretty good. If we can keep stable we will be satisfied with this level. View our results here!
We have expanded our portfolio with some of program:
- AdvertiseOrMake.Money
- MyPayingCryptoAds - (prelaunch period)

The MPCA looks very stable and promising. We plan to invest here as soon as possible.
Have a nice week

- DF Management Team - 

Updated portfolio page - 28.10.2016
Dear Members!

We updated our portfolio last night. From now you can see how it works at Our Portfolio. The list is updated once per week, except forex diagrams - because they are showing the live statistics below. 
If you have any questions about our forex activity, please do not hesitate to send us a Support message!

Final result on first week + 6.5% - 24.10.2016
Dear Members!

We closed our first week on Saturday and reached net +6.5% earning. We hope so that we can reach even more income in the future. We are working on it.

- Diversity-Fund Management Team -

Withdrawal limit reduced - 21.10.2016
Dear Members!

We have reduced the minimum withdrawal limit from $5 to $3, so everyone can make a withdrawal faster! In the future we will go back to $5 but about the start $3 is enough.
Monetized Business Directory under clicking, looks like PTC ads!

- Diversity-Fund Management Team -

Our Facebook group - 16.10.2016
We launched our official Facebook group. Join us on social media: Diversity-Fund official

Official Launch Starts - 15.10.2016
Dear Members!

Our official launch starts on - Sunday 16th of October 2016!

You can start your referral campaigns! - Good luck to everyone!

- Diversity-Fund Management Team -

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