Ethereum withdrawals allowed - 20.01.2018
Dear Members of Diversity-Fund Club!

We started the new year and we want to announce the following:

We are not waiting for the Lightning Network of the Bitcoin network therefore we decided to allow our members to withdraw their money via ETHEREUM network! (Until the BTC speeding up again we want ETH the main crypto withdrawal option!)

So what do you have to do for ETHEREUM withdrawals?
- Send us an email from your Diversity-Fund REGISTERED email to
- Send us your actual Bitcoin address (now it is in your profile...)
- Send us your new ETHEREUM address you want to use for withdrawals and we will overwrite your BTC address to ETH

Our script does not support ethereum but this is not a problem. If we see your Bitcoin withdrawal and there is an Ethereum address (you submitted us by email) - we send your withdrawal via Ethereum... if you do not want ETH withdrawals you do not have to do anything and we will send you the BTC like before.

/So we will simply overwrite your actual BTC address to your ETH address - of course this is not affected for your payins via cryptos.../

- Admins -

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