Lower advertisement prices - 17.07.2018
Dear Customers!

As we mentioned before our next upgrade will be the lowering the prices of banner advertisements! -> Now it is DONE!

We deleted all of the Fixed Advertisement packs and left only 1 -> This 1 pack will be apply for all type!

So you can choose any size of banners - for 1 price: Only 5 dollars for 1 Week!

This is only 0,71 $ / day for unlimited impressions and clicks... /You can see correct informations about your banners: how many clicks and impressions received!/

Do not forget! All of the banners appear on every page of our site (on footer) and even in the Business Directory header too!!!

Just a note: If more than one member buy the same banner place in the same time, the banners share their place and rotating until they expires. Of course if no one buy your desired banner place for 1 week only you -> your banner will be there ALONE-ONLY for this one week!

We wish a beautiful Summer for everyone!

- Admins -

Fixed Banner Advertisements

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