Server Upgrade after a DDOS attack - 31.03.2019
Dear Members of Diversity-Fund Club!

As we experienced yesterday, our server exceeded our monthly bandwidth limit just before 1 day its reset. We did the proper actions to solve this "glitch" immediately.
Exceeding this limit was a very interesting thing because we never exceeded the 400 GB / 600 GB limit...
Well we upgraded our server to a bigger package and now the monthly limit raised to 800 GB and we have a bigger "iron" under it! -> Boys and Girls as you knew in the past we always did everything for you, for Us! This is a WIN-WIN situation!

So the upgraded server works properly again and after the examinaton of the logs... well yes... we had a serious DDOS attack yesterday that consumed all of the remaining monthly bandwidth!!! Damn... evil and envious peoples are around Us... this is the life :(

Thank you for your patience! We are marching forward with a more powerful website!

Stay tuned!

- Admins -

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