New Coinpayments Account Started - 19.07.2019
Hello DFC users!

We are proudly presents our brand new Fully-Verified (Complete KYC) Coinpayments account! 😎

We had to move to a completely new account so our 3 years statistics went to the Heaven... RIP old account 😭

BUT! Every end is a new beginning! Coinpayments will disable every user accounts API and Shopping Cart in its system without full KYC verification!
(This is an info for every admins who uses Coinpayments gateway!!!)

So nothing has changed by your side, we have only one question for you! Please rate us as feedbacks because our program seems to be a brand new that started in July 2019 LOOOOOL! Thank you family!

We are stronger than before and we are sailing in the same boat - never forget! Go go go! 😎😎😎

- Edmund -

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