Changing payout rule on Sundays from 1st December - 03.11.2019
Hello Family! 😎

As you know we are only humans just like you and not bio-robots so we need some resting time besides DFC 🥺

So from 1st of December the payouts will be offline ONLY ON SUNDAYS! Of course every other service will be available like before ONLY CASHOUTS will be switched off for this 1 day on the week. I think this is not a big thing... you can understand this. (Payins, Support, Daily Sharing back are unchanged!)

As our Family grows day by day ( this is happiness 🥳 ) - Our daily task are growing heavily too... 😰

Thank you for your understanding! We are marching forward! 🤩🤩🤩

- Edmund and Admin2 -

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