BTC withdrawals - 14.03.2020
Dear Family!

As you can see - panic in the world (corona virus) and panic in the exchangers too. Cryptos dropped -20-30% even more... so we have got chaotic times now.

Our pending withdrawals exceeded the 60+ numbers and we cannot pay them to you because of the fcking mempools unavailability... maybe evryone buy on this low rate... peoples are crazy in these days.

So be patient there will be delays in the - BTC ONLY - payouts but if we need to do them on Sunday - we will do it then.

This is a good opportunity to announce: DFC is not that little program that was years ago. We did something in the last 3,5 years... as our business grows - our member base grows - our daily transactions are in the skies... and you know we do this all besides our real work.

Enough of the words: We raise the payout minimum from $10 to $20 from next Monday. We told you several times PLEASE do not request withdrawals every day or every 2 days. We are here and we will be here - if you do not believe in Us and you request your pennies every day... we are not your choice. Extremely hard to do the daily payouts to know 40% will be the <10$ payouts again and again and again.

So, be patient we are paying like before just due to the heavy load of the bitcoin chain: Guarda, Blockchain wallets are not allow to send transactions due to mempool disturbance !!!!!!!! (Perfect Money and PAYEER are not affected of course)

We are hoping that this craziness will be over in some days and everything go back to normal...

Peace - Love - Unity!

- Edmund and Admin2 -

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