Pandemic news and changes in our operation - 15.03.2020
Hello Family - This is an answer to the world pandemic...

Personally I never thought that can be a real scenario what we seeing on the streets... empty places, patrols... CURFEWS! Like in a film we seen many before... a bad dream that came true.
Another thing I never believed: The crypto markets -50 percent collapse in just a few days... everyone said: Crypto is the new oil and gold, it will only rise when "there are blood on the streets" - an escaping value keeping "standard". LOL... not fully...
So we are here now, and we have to make some restriction to continue our marching like before in the last 3,5 years:

We are not planning any stop in our operation!!!! We are marching ahead only a bit slower then before:

- You voted the $25 minimum cashouts but we "only" rise it to the lower value: $20 will be the new cashout"s minimum to all processors
- But the main: The daily sharing backs will be reduced to 0,4 - 0,5 percent per day from the 0,8-0,9 percent !!!! This is a necessary step to go ahead!

Our greatest "external income" source My Passive Trades announced that withdrawals, sharing backs and trading operations will be ON HOLD until the market come to life again.

Well we also can do this BUT NOT. During the years our experience was: If a program stops paying it will start a death-spiral for itself: No daily sharing back -> no daily income -> no new "investors" and the program dried out in some weeks.

So we ask you Family: Be smart and don"t panic. A program"s success the daily cash-flow. This means: The money flowing IN AND OUT! If one of the direction dies... the program dies with it.
Our program is on a stable money-background but we are not GODS we cannot create money from the rocks :D
So please do not do panic withdrawals - we are here and we will be here for years but without your it won"t be successful.

Payins -> Sharing back -> Payouts : This is the success formula. Any of these are missing the program collapses.

We will going through on these hard weeks (months?) - and everything will be the same again in the future.

All of this can be happen TOGETHER

We promise: Keeping up this system with the new daily sharing backs like before but YOU HAVE TO USE our system like before: renting packs, buying fixed banners, ad credits etc. ONLY THIS WILL DRIVE US THROUGH THESE TIMES!

With greatest LOVE:

- Edmund Wells and Admin2 -

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