Accepting of ERK (Eureka) and USDT (Tether) coins - 18.04.2020
Hello Family!

We are accepting ERK (Eureka coin) and USDT (Tether USD) from now.
The USDT is Omni-layered so you can send it only from Bitcoin based wallets!

Our cashflow still not regenerated -> Every day we pay out to you $1000+ and our incomes (daily payins + portfolio earnings) are not covering this expenses yet!

Of course our money management allows some disturbances but this system must be at least "egal" in the future.

From now: From week to week the weekly sharing backs will start growing a bit but until the cashflow system regenerates of course the daily about 0,8% will not comes back...

(Fanfares on:) On 16 April we were 3,5 YEARS OLD exactly ;) Yes... 1270+ days flawless operation on a 2 years of descending crypto market! Good eh? :D

We wish you a beautiful weekend and protect yourself and your loved ones! 🥰🥰🥰

- Edmund and Admin2 -

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