Cross-roads in our operation and the future of DFC - 10.05.2020
Dear Family - Dear Members!

This announcement will be the most serious one we did in the life of Diversity-Find Club ever. But we know we are not only a nameless community but a real Family who are do solidarity with each other if the situation demands it.

So... we arrived to a cross-roads in our operation.

In recent weeks, the COVID-crisis has led to a serious downward market trend on the whole world, coupled with the bankruptcy of many companies in the online money-maker world too (revshares, hyips, other programs went scam - we know them all...).

Our portfolio has also suffered from this period. We have repeatedly asked you not to panic and withdraw money without reason because you are making more leaks on the ship of DFC that will be hard to plug. Some of you understood it, but there are several other ones who unfortunately did not. They probably do not read our FB group and do not follow our news (that would be a bsic thing eh...). It is not enough to close the programs that we were thought to be stable, but our work is also impossible because our investments do not have time to make a profit and we cannot start new ones due to the payment constraint.

This is a trap: As we are a revshare program - wihout "rev(enue)" we cannot share anything with you and our program start sinking in a downward money spiral: No revenue - No daily sharing backs - No payins - No money for new investment opportunities - No income from programs -> All the cashflow stops and we are drying-up in a short time and "MUST" close our program.
Because the DFC is dollar-settled, we have repaid the profits to our members at the $9,500 exchange rate over the past two months, even when the actual exchange rate was $5,000. Meanwhile, rents for the new packages have dropped, unchanged for 2 months, even though the epidemic is slowly coming to an end and the market has begun to recover. The power of bitcoin has also returned, yet nothing has changed in the withdrawal/rent ratio!

We dug deep into our database and made an excel-sheet about every DFC member: Cash balance, All deposit - All withdrawal -> Final balance (Member<>R.O.I.)

Based on this sheet we had to decide what the future would be for DFC - we talked about it for hours with Admin2, so there are ONLY two versions which is possible:

A.) We pay out our last cents and close the DFC, so many of our members lose their deposit and maybe the faith in the whole online income opportunities. We lose our Child - our Family - our brand we did it in the least 3,6 years we operate...

B.) We continue to operate the DFC, but we introduce very serious changes.

We waited for weeks (8 weeks passed from the start of Pandemic) for our members to change their attitudes about withdrawals, but it did not happen yet. The majority continues to treat our program as a payment/cashout point (even a cashier for the closed programs of our portfolio...). Those who had not logged into their account for several months and accumulated thousands of dollars also returned and began to withdraw. In recent weeks, when the value of bitcoin has halved, they have appeared and taken out the money with double profit. Of course we are not a bank or other financial institute but think about what happens to a bank from which everyone wants to withdraw their money at once! (Collapsing and need a serious capital injection to survive ot let them sink...). /The current relatively high bitcoin price only partially help Us. - The problem is much bigger.../

Of course we chose version B.) and carried on the DFC under the following conditions:

The final solution: A "one-time" package purchase (money not to the cashout balance but YOU MUST BUY PACKAGE from it! - we will verify all of them) from external source (from any processor of course) anyone who wants to withdraw money from DFC in the future - FROM TODAY! 
 - A $25 pack need for everyone who has not over ROI yet or withdrew lesser from the system (Dashboard - Rent Profit-Packs menu so you can directly buy package from processor).
 - A $50 pack need for everyone who are a member of Max-Packers Club or over ROI yet regardless of their number of active packs (Dashboard - Add Balance menu). (Of course who are on max packs cannot buy another one - he/she will rise the cash balance and cannot withdraw it for 1 week from the purchase date)
 - From this time new packages can only be rented from external sources. We will eliminate package rentals from the internal balance (so that our debt to our members does not increase further). If you want to rent packages in the future from inner balance (that will not available from now...) -> You request a cashout - we pay out and you put it back as external source! More transactions but this will provide a healthy cash-flow in the system in and out.
 - The daily redistribution is reduced to 0.3 % fixed until we will go back to a trajectory of growth (this will be not in the far future if everyone understand the currenty situation and do what it must be...)

We know it is a serious sacrifice from everyone, but it is still better than version A.)! Think about it: If we can successfully tackle this crisis we never seen before, the program can return to a growth path again! We do not want to disappear, but to continue to operate the DFC like before. Think all about it. It will take maybe a few months, after which we will restore the previous conditions pretty slowly!

The whole world is in a financial crisis and we do not know where it will eventually lead Us... but we know one thing: DFC is our life behind our real-life work and we do this all by heart for 3,6 years and we want to continue all of this at least the same years we passed yet!

Sooner or later, every program reaches a level where a tough decision has to be made by admin(s): Close the program cowardly (exit-scam without any informations about possible financial problems) and spit on their members or like Us who has a Family not only nameless members and try to solve the problems somehow. As you can see around 9,9/10 admins close the program in this situation without any notice. We are the 0,1 who try to solve the problem!

We believe in you and your common sense - and you will not riot or shout scam because plan A will activating immediately because of the rebels.

This time is for not the lucre time but the time of a little personal sacrifice for the program and for all of Us!

We promise: We do our part in future like before and maintain this "all system". In this 3,6 years everyone got his/her withdrawal in 1 day and this will be the same in the future years too if you do not let the system to stop and pay-in this 1 package we are talked about.

We have the greatest Family in the whole revshare world - we survived many thing in the past years - without asking you for anything! - do not let you end this great program!

With the greatest respect,

- Edmund Wells and Admin2 -

Summary of the changes in our currently system !!! during !!! the pandemic:

- Daily redistribution: 0,3 % per day (7 days a week)
- Referral commission: 1 % (with unlimited referrals)
- Minimum cashout: $20
- Maximum cashout: $100
- Cashouts delay: 2 days interval between cashouts
- Need for cashouts from now: Buying a one-time package ($25 or $50 mentioned in the article) from external source regardless of your current rented package numbers

All of this will be back to normal operation after the crisis.

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